Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May Blissmo Box

May Blissmo box is here.  This month I picked the snack attack box.  The choices were snack attack, doggie delights and Pristine & Clean.  The snack attack sounded good to me because I keep a snack bowl at home and like to snack at things during work since I don't always get a lunch break.  

The Blissmo box is a monthly subscription service geared toward organic & eco products that are described as safer and better for you.  Each month they offer different boxes which vary based on themes or seasons. They offer various pricing structures depending monthly, 6 months or yearly.  The base price is always $19 but for monthly subscriptions add $5.95 shipping for 6 months subscriptions add $2.95 shipping and for yearly subscriptions shipping is free.  The company advertises that you will receive between $19-$40 worth of items for your $22. I've received 4 boxes ranging from $22.21-$32.79 in value.  This is the May box but I received it in June.    

The good:
Like trying new things but not sure what to try? This is a good start to trying new products without being overwhelmed.
Variety: They offer different boxes not just food.  I've seen some that had items for baby in them.
Pricing: The company changed the pricing structure.  If you plan on subscribing yearly they give you free
Information: They include a card with information about the company and their products. Also on the card they list the value of each item received, I really like this.
The not so good:
Skip a month? yes you can skip a month but they still charge you.  So if you skip April you will still be charged but will able to pick two boxes in May.  If your skipping the month in order to save money this doesn't work.  If you are going to pay for the box you might as well receive it right? Of course if none of the boxes appeal to you then you aren't forced to waste the money.  I think it would be easier for customers to have the option to skip the month and not be charged.

These are my June goodies! 

Contents of box:

1 box of Blue Star Farms Organic Rye & Flax crackers. value = $4.99 - I thought these would be dry and "healthy" tasting but they were very good.  Not dry and has a nice texture to it.  I would buy these again.  

1 Wow baking company gluten free lemon burst cookie.  value = $2.29 - This was super good!  I love just about anything lemon though.  The cookie was super soft and had a cornmeal type texture to it.  The lemon flavor was so good.  I tried to save half for the boyfriend but I kept going back for "just one more bite" and before I knew it...poof gone.  oops. 

1 Truebar Coconut Cashew bar. value = $1.99 - I'm finding I really like the combination of coconut and cashews.  I liked this and would buy it again. 

1 Truebar Raspberry Chocolate Almond bar. value = $1.99 -

1 box of Snackle Mouth Cranberry Peanut Granola. value = $4.00 - Tasty little treat.  Basically peanut butter flavored granola.

1 3.5 oz bag of Living Intentions Gone Nuts white chocolate almonds and cacao nibs. value = $5.69 Living Intentions -  Cashews are delicious anyway but throw some chocolate on it and it's even better.  great snack!

1 pkg. Sharkies Organic fruit chews in berry blast. value = $1.79 - these were really gummy but what was neat about them is if you let them melt in your mouth it tasted like juiceI'm not sure if they really gave me any energy but I only ate 2 and the boyfriend ate the rest.

The retail value of my box was $22.74.  That's just slightly more than I paid so no real loss or gain.  I do like receiving snack items in the mail though.  It's much easier than navigating the grocery store isles.     

Verdict: Not an incredible deal but good snacks so I'll keep it for now.   

**I pay for these services myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Blissmo**

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