Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Sindulge bag


***I received an email saying the company was going through some changes and would be re-launching in the fall with a special celebrity makeup artist on board.  You can sign up to be notified of he launch on their website ****

Sindulge is a monthly subscription service for beauty products with a slight twist.  They are the same as other monthly subscription services except you do a beauty consultation online (chat or video).  They advertise that they hand pick luxury samples specifically for you based on the consultation.  I had signed up on the website on a Wednesday and made an appointment for my consultation for Friday.  The website said the consultation would last about 15 min.  I was a little irritated with the consultation process.  I logged on the computer at the designated time for a text chat and was unable to connect.  I really didn't want to video chat but that seemed to be the only function working and I didn't want to miss my appointment so I clicked on that.  There was no consultant online but there was another customer waiting.  I asked her if anyone had came on and she said no and had been waiting for 10 min or so.  I waited about 7 min but then had to go.  I sent an email to customer service before I left telling them the situation.  I checked my email about 10 min later and there was an email from my consultant apologizing for the issue and she said she was available now.  I was able to log onto the text chat from my cell phone for my consultation.  My consultant was Christina.  She was very apologetic and we got right to the consultation.  She asked what my beauty preferences and needs were and what type of products I liked or used.  I told her I didn't have any interest in liquid foundation and that I used mineral powder and was very happy with it.  She said they had received some mineralized powders and would see if they had any left to put in my box.  The chat lasted about 10-15 min she said she would note all my preferences in my profile and I would have my box in 14 days.  It took about 11 days to receive my box in the mail.

The good:

Packaging: The packaging is fun.  The items come in a little purse like box with a handle.  It's made of cardboard so could probably only be reused a couple of times before wearing out. 

Brands: it seems they have some decent brands (youngblood, ferro, pixi).  the company is new so I'm hoping they will expand in this area as they grow. 

Price: The cost is $12 a month (shipping included) which is right in range with other companies.  The also have a deal where you can pay $132 for the year which brings the price down to $11 a month.  They also allow you to transfer the yearly subscriptions.  So if you decided you don't like it perhaps you could sell or gift the remaining months of your subscription to a friend.  They don't say how many products you will receive each month but I received 4. 

Need a gift: they offer 3, 6 or 12 months gift subscriptions. 

Samples: I don't know if this is typical since this is my first bag but I received 2 full size items. 

The not so good:

New company: they are a new company so they have a few bugs to works out with consultation part of it.  they also seem limited on the brands with only 6 listed on their website.  Again I expect this will grow as they expand. 

Skip a month: No can do.  If you don't want a bag that month you have to cancel. 

Here is the little purse like bag my items came in.  The card is a welcome car and talks about one of the brands they send (Pixi).  There is also a promo code for free shipping and 20% off two or more Pixi products. 

Here are my items.  The items were wrapped in red tissue. 

The contents are listed below with the value and retail size & price in parenthesis. 

Full size Pixi Fairy light solo eyeshadow - value $14.00
Full size Pixi nail colour in fresh red #19 - value $12.00
3ml/.01 fl. oz. Youngblood Eye Impact eye cream - value $11.60 (15ml/.5 fl. oz. $58.00)
5ml/.17fl. oz. Youngblood Mineral Primer - value $6.83 (30ml/1 oz. $41.00)

The total value of the 4 items I received is $44.43.  This is well above the $12 monthly fee.  I was really looking forward to getting some mineral powder but I guess they didn't have any left.  I like that she sent mineral primer though.  I've used primer in the past and it helps even out fine lines making your foundation or in my case powder go on smooth.  I also told her I liked a more natural look but wasn't afraid of color.  The eye shadow is a very neutral and would be a great base to add color to.  I have a ton of nail polish already so that is kind of meh for me but they would have no way of knowing that.   

Verdict: I splurged for the yearly subscription so I'll continue to receive my little purses.  If the value continues like this that would be great.  There is nothing in here that I won't use so that's a bonus.  I'll keep you posted on how next month goes. 

***I purchases these subscriptions myself and I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Sindulge

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