Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May Love with Food box

Love with Food is one my favorite monthly food subscription boxes.  Reason #1 for every box purchased they donate to a worthy cause.  Reason #3 the price (which just got better). Reason #3 the products - everything to date has been delicious!  
Don't know what Love with Food with food is?  Let me explain.  Love with Food is a really cool monthly food/snack subscription.  The best thing about this program is for each box purchased they donate a meal to Share our Strength no Kid Hungry.  The price used to be $14 (shipping included) but I received a notice in my box this month that said the price is changing to $10 plus $2 shipping making it $12 a month.  Really the price is going down??  You're kidding.  I LOVE this company!  I was happy to pay $14 but I'll gladly pay $12.  Each month you will receive a box of 5+ unique gourmet hard to find items.  If your taste buds like what you taste them you can access the members only area and buy the item at Love with Food at a special discount.  Last month I received some amazing chocolate caramel dipped pretzels.  I was tempted to order a case of them but refrained.  The month before however I did order more fig bars from Nature's Bakery.  Each month is a different theme.  For instance March was hikers essentials and April was Bunny Hop into Spring.  This month is all about mom.  I am very excited about my treats this month and can't wait to try everything in the box!

The good:

The price: $12 a month, you get lots of treats AND you are donating a meal.  Can't beat that!

Need a gift: You can send a 3 or 6 month gift subscription to a friend.  Who wouldn't love getting tasty treats in the mail. 

Variety: There is lots of variety in the products and if you are food adventurous you'll like this. 

Discounts: You earn points that you can use towards the purchase of full size products. 

The not so good:

Skip a month: There is currently no option to skip a month.  If you don't want a box them you have to cancel your membership. 

Picky eater? You don't get to pick your items.  I actually don't see this as a problem but picky eaters may. 

The box came in a priority mail envelope

Contents of my May box (retail price listed in parenthesis)

.75 oz bag of Kettlepop organic sea salt popcorn ($2.95) - This wasn't spectacular but was tasty and it's only 110 calories a bag, perfect for a little snack.

1 package (2 cookies) Nikki's Cookies/Confections cinnamon & sugar Butterfly shortbread cookies ($1.50) - these were very tasty, they had a nice cinnamon flavor and the shortbread if buttery and crunchy. 

2 packages .6 oz. ea Barney Butter Almond Butter ($0.42/ea) - I put this on a warm english muffin and it was very good.  I like these little snack sizes for on the go snacking.

2 oz. jar of Fat Toad Farms Vanilla Bean Caramel ($3.95)

1.3 oz. Dillon's handmade pecan divinity ($0.72) - very good, not milky like some divinity can be.  It is light and fluffy while still remaining dense.  It was very sweet so I recommend sharing it. 

I received $9.96 in product for my $14 which means I "overpaid" by $4.04.  I would like to have seen them get closer to the $12 mark but when you factor in the meal donation I just considered the $4 my donation.  Pretty painless way to donate.  I'll be curious to see of the value will be closer to the $10-12 mark with the new pricing.

Verdict: I'm going to keep this subscription.  The samples are fun and good for the snack bowl or in my purse when I'm running errands all day.  $12 a month isn't unreasonable AND you donate to a fantastic cause.   

***I pay for these subscription myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Love with Food.


  1. Carol - it was. I've been really happy with this company. The products they send are consitently delicious and it think it's a good value.