Monday, May 21, 2012

May Gotham Box

Gotham Box is quickly becoming one of my favorite monthly food boxes.  This is only my second box but I'm really impressed with the communication and the delicious goodies from this company.  Gotham Box is a monthly food subscription service. For $20 a month (shipping included) they mail you a box of products from the "Gotham" aka city you choose.  Currently the cities available are San Francisco and New York.  This company, like Love with Food also donates a meal for every box purchased, I love this!  The products curated are from local places in the city of your choosing. 

The good:
Small business: The products are from small businesses in the area of your choosing.  I'm a big fan of supporting small and local when possible. 

Price: $20 isn't totally unreasonable considering you get hard to find specialty products. 

The not so good:

Availability: I love receiving these local specialty items but some can't be ordered online and if they can shipping is sometimes expensive.  I would like to see the company have a way to purchase additional items at a discount of be able to combine products and pay one shipping price.   

Multiple boxes: I chose the San Francisco box because that's where I'm from originally but I would like to try the New York box just out of curiosity.  On the website you can change your city but it doesn't appear you can subscribe or order more than one box.  It would be a  nice feature if they had leftover boxes at the end of the month to let subscribers purchase those.  

Skip a month: No can do.  You can change your city or cancel but no skipping the month.   

The contents came in a regular mailing box with packing peanuts.  Inside was a card with information about the companies featured.  There was also a postcard of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and it had a personalized note written to me from Jonathan (co-founder).  This was totally unexpected but a very nice surprise. 

Contents: Retail price in parenthesis. 

1lb box of Jack and Jason's pancakes & waffle mix ($5.32) - I made ebelskivers (Scandinavian pancakes) out of this mix.  I didn't find it to have a strong blueberry flavor although I could see lots of blueberries in the mix.  It has somewhat of a healthy wheat flavor to it.  It wasn't bad by any means but different from your normal regular pancake mix.  

2 oz. bag of California Chips creamy chipotle chips.  ($3.00) - I didn't get to try these but I was told by the boyfriend they were pretty good.  He's not into extremely spicy stuff and since he ate the whole bag I'm guessing they weren't too spicy.  

3 awesome bars 2 blueberry almond and 1 coconut pecan ($2.10/ea), I wish I would've received 3 different flavors but I'll survive, they look delicious! - I like the blueberry almond and loved the coconut pecan.  It tasted like a oatmeal cookie and I love oatmeal cookies.  It doesn't have the nutritional information on it but I'm hoping it's not to bad because I would buy these.  Also I was reading the packaging and it says it's compostable.  Another bonus!

1.8oz. Double Dutch Sweets Ramona bar ($6.00).  Listen to this description, layers of buttery caramel and honey nougat with roasted peanuts that are hand dipped in single source Venezuelan dark chocolate, finished with Maldon sea salt flakes.  I know, right?  Can't wait to taste this little treat. - oh my gosh.  This was soooo good.  I'm a big fan of salted chocolate and this was perfect.  $6 is a little high for a chocolate bar but if you're going to splurge you won't be disppointed.  

The total value of the box is $20.62 and I paid $20.  I am thrilled with my box this month.  I love oatmeal anything and the awesome bars have big ol oatmeal flakes in them so I can't wait to try those.  The Double Dutch Sweets just feels amazing and has amazing description to match.  The value received is equal to the value paid but I got some really cool goodies.    

Verdict: This is a definite keeper!     

**I purchase these boxes myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Gotham Box.

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