Friday, May 18, 2012

May Beauty Army Kit

It's Beauty Army time.  Woot, Woot.  What I like about Beauty Army is they consistently have deluxe size samples from known brands and the value is always way over the amount paid.  You can read and see the contents of my March kit here and April kit here

What's this Beauty Army stuff all about?  Beauty Army is a monthly subscription service where you get to choose up to 6 items to try out. The cost is $12 a month and that includes shipping. They also offer a yearly deal for $132 which means your 12th month is free dropping the price down to $11 a month.

The Good:

The brands: You will get options from Joico, Weleda, LaRocca, Freeman, Barbor, StriVectin, etc. These are well known brands. They also say they use brands from emerging companies which is also fun.

The box/kit: I am very impressed with the little box it comes in. It's a well made sturdy reusable box hat can be used for gifting treasure boxes of your own making, keeping your treasures organized, etc.

The price: $12 Shipping included seems reasonable to me to be able to try a useful amount of product. I know you can get samples at a store for free but this is an actual useful amount. The samples are big enough to use several times to see if you actually like the product not a tiny little smear of something. It works out to $2 an item. Would I buy these items if I saw them in the store for $2 each? Maybe.

Customer Service: I've had to email customer service for an issue and they were very prompt in responding and fixing the issue.  They seem to really care about their customers happiness with their products. 

Skip a month: Not feeling it this month? unexpected bills? now you can skip the month.  Yay! 

The not so Good:

Paying for the year. If you decide to take the plunge and pay for a year be advised there are no refunds for yearly subscriptions. I'm not sure how the skip a month option works for yearly subscribers, there are no details on this in the FAQ section as of yet. 

The Box. The box has the company name on the front along with a bunch of beauty type phrases. This makes your re-gifting options limited and it's too good a box to just toss.  I've re-purposed one of mine to hold all my beauty treasures. 

This is the first layer of goodies. 

This is all of my goodies!

Here is my May box. (full size amount and price in parenthesis)
This month I picked my 6 items from 9 available so everything in here is something I wanted.   

.13 oz. M.A.D skincare moisturizer - value $4.38 (1.7 oz. $57) - The pump was broken on this so I had to open the bottle to get the cream out.  It felt light but had kind of a musk smell that I didn't care for.  

.25 oz. Atopalm intensive moisturizing moisturizing cream - value $2.14 (3.4 oz. $30)

1 fl oz. Institut Karite Rejuvenating Hand cream - value $4.11 (16.91 oz. $69.90)

.24 oz. Cover FX ClearPrep FX matte foundation primer - value $4.45 (1 oz. $39) - I don't use liquid foundation but I used it before applying my mineral powder.  It took the shine off my face but I'm not sure it helped the powder any.  Since it took the shine off though I could see using this on the days where I don't want to wear makeup. 

.34 fl. oz. Weleda Refining Toner - value $1.70 (3.4 fl. oz. $17)  - There was enough in here to use for a few days.  It was nothing earth shattering but I liked it.  

1 Grand Central Beauty Smart Skin Perfecting Mask - value $18.75 (4 masks $75) - This was kind of messy to use.  I mixed the powder and liquids and applied.  It said this was enough for 1 mask but I think you could've got 2 out of it.  When it dried it was fairly easy to peel off and felt like rubber.  I didn't notice any immediate changes but it felt nice.  

The total value of my kit is $35.56.  Not too bad for a $12 investment AND these are items I will use.
Verdict: I'm very happy with all my kits thus far and will keep this subscription going.

**I pay for these kits myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Beauty Army.

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