Sunday, May 6, 2012

Julep March St. Patricks Day Mystery Box

This is a little side note to my earlier post about the Julep Mystery boxes.  I purchased two St. Patrick's Day mystery boxes in March.  For some reason I never get just one mystery box I always get 2 or 3 depending on the company.  It just always seems like too good a deal to just get one.  If you're a Julep Maven (monthly member) every now and then the company sends an email or facebook post saying they are going to offer mystery boxes.  The cost ends up being $19.99 if you use the discount code they give you for being a maven otherwise it's $60.  Your guaranteed to get at least $40 in merchandise.  I ordered 2 boxes in the same order and the company shipped them together but in 2 separate boxes.  

This is my first box.


4 nail polishes - value = $56

1 fl oz Age defying hand brightener - value =  $10.67

1 fl oz Glycolic Hand Scrub - value = $10.67

Crystal nail file - value = $6.00'

4 chocolate coins
Total Value of box #1 = $83.34 
price paid = $19.99
savings = $63.35
Wow what a great deal!  Can it get any better?  Why yes it can.  See box #2. 

This is my second box.

7 nail polishes - value = $98

Julep nail appliques - value = $14

Crystal nail file - value = $6

3 fl oz Glycolic Scrub - value = $32
Essential cuticle oil - value = $18
Everyday Hand creme with SPF 30 - value = $28
Julep's exclusive makeup bag - value = $18
Pout Popper lip color - value =  $10?? (I couldn't find a price on this)
4 chocolate coins and a chocolate shamrocks
Total value of box #2 = $224
price paid = $19.19
savings = $204.01

So for $39.98 I received $267.36 in products.  Now not everyone gets this type of savings but that's why they call it a mystery box.  Now I did get a couple of duplicate colors but I gifted those to a teenager for her birthday so it was a win win.  So needless to say I ordered 2 Cinco De Mayo mystery boxes that should be arriving next week.  I will keep you posted on my deals from that box!

Also a side note.  I've been playing around with the polish application to see if I can avoid chipping.  This last time I put the basecoat one, one coat of color and a top coat and it seemed to last longer than before. Before I was using basecoat, 2 coats of color and a top coat.  I think that made it too thick and easier to chip.  

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