Friday, May 25, 2012

Influenster VoxBox

Question?  Who doesn't love free stuff? 

Influenster is not a montly subscrition service and you don't/can't pay to get boxes from them.  The way it works is you sign up for free on their website and unlock "badges". There are many badges you can unlock depending on your hobbies, lifestyle, where you live, social networking etc.  When the company has a box of items they want tested and reviewed they pick from the Influensters registered and send them goodies.  Once you get the items you are expected to try them out, review them, tell your friends etc.  Doing all of that will ensure that you will remain on the list of influensters that get boxes.  The whole point of the company is to get the word out about the products and what better way than word of mouth.  And yes all of this is free, you don't pay to sign up, you don't pay to get a box and you don't pay for anything period.  I don't know how often the boxes get sent out but I do know this is the second one this year.  The first box was sent in February and was called the Love Box.  This is my first box and I was so excited when I got the email saying "congratulations, you're getting a Spring Beauty Box..." 

This is how the box looked when I opened it.                    This is the contents of my box.  7 items!

SoyJoy Bar strawberry flavor ($0.99-$1.29) - This was just ok.  The strawberry flavor was really good and bar was dense like it had substance but it was dry.  If this was the only healthy option around I would eat it but make sure you have something to drink nearby. 

Dr. Scholl's Ball of Foot Cushion ($6.99) - I tried this with a pair of low healed strappy sandals and it was a fail.  The cushion was nice and thick but that was part of the problem.  It was so much cushion that it made the straps over the top of my foot too tight. 

Aveeno Daily moisturizing body wash (full size $6.99-$8.99) - I like this alot.  It has a soft feeling to it and no scent.  This is great for those who have problems with scents or men who don't want any type of scent in their body wash.  When I got out of the shower I didn't feel any residue left or feel like my skin was dry.  I would purchase this product. 

Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish strips ($9.99) - these are way fun.  I don't know that they take much less time than painting your nails because you have to place them and shape them but there is less room for mistakes.  This allows you to have clean edges and fun nails.  The box says it will last up to 10 days.  I noticed chipping on the tips of my nails after about 3 days.  If you want designed nails quick and don't want to go to the salon then the price is worth it.  For everyday nails the 9.99 is a little pricey.  I would buy this for a special occasion. 

ChapStick Lip Shield 365 ($1.89-$2.39) - I like this a lot.  A pleasant surprise is that it had kind of a lemon taste to it.  Not strong but just enough for me go say "hmmm, tasty"  It goes on real smooth and almost turns into an oil when applied.  This makes me feel like it's really getting into my lips as opposed to just sitting on the surface.  

Bath & Body Works Fine Frangrance Mist ($14.00)I like this product but perhaps in a different scent.  This scent is very strong so the first time I used it I was a little overwhelmed.  I've since used it sparingly and while still goes on strong it tones down nicely.  The good part is this bottle should last me a really long time! 

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer (sold in 1 month supply kit of 6 products for $29.95) - I'm not sure why there are two different shades in here and there were no instructions on how to use the product.  I haven't used foundation in years so I may just be behind the times on how this stuff works nowadays.  I ended up using a foundation brush I had and blended the two shades and applied to my face.  I have a small area with hyperpigmentation that I thought I would try and cover up.  It covered it fairway well, I could still see a little bit of dark through the foundation.  The foundation didn't feel heavy but when I looked in the mirror I could tell I had it on.  I don't like foundation being visible which is why I stopped using it.  So although this wasn't cakey it was still visible. 

***These items were provided to me at no cost by Influenster.  My reviews are my own and not influenced by the companies or brands listed.   


  1. Can you send me an invite to Influenster?! I love reviewing products, and it would be nice to not have to pay for all of them!

    1. I would love to share the free product wealth! Send me your email and I'll send you an invite. My email is pixiepowered@hotmail.cim