Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bag Borrow or Steal

I would like to share Bag Borrow or Steal with my fellow shoppers.  BBOS has been around for awhile and I've been purchasing from them since 2009.  I can't remember how I discovered them but I'm so glad I did!  Originally the site started as a place to rent designer handbags, jewelry and shoes.  (They were mentioned in the movie Sex in the City).  They cool thing about this company is that they also sell the designer treasures as a very nicely discounted price!  The company also sends emails every now and them with codes for extra discounts.  Woo Hoo more savings!  Did I mention standard is shipping is free for purchases?  The company guarantees the authenticity of the items which is something you don't get from eBay or private sellers.  In addition to renting and buying you can also sell your designer items to them.  I have never rented or sold anything so I can't attest to that process but I have purchased items from them and have had nothing but wonderful experiences with the product quality and price.  Since I have this blog now I wanted to share my recent treasures from BBOS with you.  

Yes.  This is a Chanel box.  I've never purchased Chanel before because I couldn't justify spending the money but these were such a bargain and soooo cute I couldn't resist. 

These are my cute as heck.  Chanel Satin Velvet Mary Janes.  I love, love, love these shoes.  The description said they were in overall great condition and free of scuffs.  The soles show minimal signs of wear and the insoles are clean and show very slight signs of use.  I would say these are in fantastic condition.  I say there is virtually no wear anywhere on the shoes.  If they were worn at all I would guess they were worn indoors only because I couldn't find any marks anywhere. 

These are the little shoe dust bags that were inside the box. 

Dying to know what I paid aren't you?  The retail price of the shoes are $620.00.  I have no problem splurging but yikes that's a little much for me to spend on shoes.  BBOS had these listed for $310.00, half price!  Then I got super lucky and had a 25% off discount code.  So in the end these shoes cost me $232.50 (plus tax).  I bought my authentic Chanel shoes at 62.5% off!     

Since I had a 25% off discount I thought I should take full advantage of it and keep browsing. 
What do I spy....The Burberry purse I've been coveting for years..hmmmm

Most of their items come in the original packaging (like the shoes) or with the dust bag (for purses).  In the description of the item they tell you what comes with the item.   

Let me just say I've been wanting this color for a long time.  I love the pink and the red patent leather trims just adds even more beauty to it.  The description said the exterior is in gently loved condition.  The bottom corners are worn, and there is a small scuff on the back of the bag.  The interior is clean and in good condition. It ships with a designer dust bag.  I say the exterior is in great condition.  I couldn't find any wear on the corners and yes there was a small mark on the back but it's hardly noticeable and I had to look closely.  The interior is excellent condition.  I did a happy dance after opening this treasure.   

So what did I pay for this beauty?  The retail price of this tote is $525.00.  I'm not sure why I haven't bought myself  Burberry because I love purses and have spent $500 on a purse in the past.  BBOS had this listed for $385 which was 37% off.  That's a good deal but I also had my extra discount of 25% which brought it down to $288.75 (plus tax).  That's 55% off which is an even better deal! 

The bottom line is purchasing these items new would've been a base price of $1,145.00 and I bought both in barely used condition for a grand total (including tax) for $559.04.  That makes the overall discount about 51.25%

Verdict: If you have an affinity for designer accessories but don't want to pay designer prices check out BBOS.  You will love it! 

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