Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Quarterly Co. Gretchen Rubin

Quarterly Co. is a slightly different kind of subscription box company.  It's not a monthly adventure but it's quarterly.  The way it works is you pick a "contributor" you would like to receive a curated gift from pay $25 and every 3 months you will receive your item in the mail from them.  With each gift you receive the story behind it.  The curators consist of CEO's, authors, chefs, world travelers, business owners, etc.  I signed up a couple of months ago and decided to pick two curators.  The first one I picked was Gretchen Rubin author of "The Happiness Project".  I thought who doesn't need more happiness in their life right?  The description read "Research shows that one way to enjoy a little hit of happiness, during your ordinary routine, is to receive a small, unexpected pleasure. The brain gets a bigger thrill when some little treat comes as a surprise, whether it’s a dollar found in the street, a free cookie sample—or an alluring box in the mail. (And not only do you feel happier; these boosts of happiness make you temporarily smarter, friendlier and more efficient.) The items you’ll receive will lift your spirits by making your life and home more beautiful, more productive, and more full of fun."  Now doesn't that fit me perfectly?...everyone loves a treasure, especially me! 
This truly is a surprise in the mail.  I signed up and paid at the end of February but didn't receive my box until the beginning of April.  I can see this being a plus and a minus.  It's kind of a bummer paying for something you don't receive for 5 weeks but then again it's a nice surprise. 
The box came via USPS.  Inside the box was an envelope with a note inside and my item. 

This is the note card that came inside the box.  It reads: In this mailing - I love all things miniature: shadow boxes, dioramas, aquariums, bonsai, maquettes.  On a recent trip to Chicago, I made a special trip to visit the Joseph Cornwell boxes and the Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute, as well to see Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle a the Museum of Science and Industry.  (Who knew that Chicago was such a hotbed of miniatures?) So the minute I glimpsed the "small world" of this handmade moss terrarium, I was utterly charmed.  The combination of nature and the tiny human presence to for a miniature scene--all in a small, movable, beautiful object- thrills me.  There it stands, hidden unless you really look up, on my shelf.  Sincerely, Gretchen Rubin 

This is my item.  A miniature terraium.

Inside the box were the makings of my terrarium.

This picture is what the company advertises
as your finished product on their website.
              This is what my terrarium looks like as of last night. 

I'm kind of disappointed in this little treasure.  There were no instructions included in the box but the little bags were numbered so I just started dumping items in the glass stating with bag #1.  I know part of the process is to be creative and peaceful but not so much for me.  You have to keep the inside damp and supposedly the moss will grow and you will have a little living world.  For now it sits on my mantle looking down on the living room hopefully growing into something cool. 

I went to the website and they have many different sizes to choose from.  The price of this little jar is $25 with $9.50 shipping.  I paid $25 for the curated box so I guess when you factor in shipping this was a deal.  Although this is definitely something I would not have purchased for myself. 

Verdict: I'm going to give it one more go round and see what next quarter brings.  

**I pay for these boxes myself and not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Quarterly Co.


  1. Who would you say is your favorite from all of the contributors?

    1. I've only tried 3 of them so far. Gretchen Rubin, Food52 and Veronica Belmont. Out of those three I would say I'm enjoying Food52 the most. I enjoy the products they've sent and have gotten the most use out of them.