Monday, April 23, 2012

April Foodzie Box

This is my second Foodzie box.  You can read about my first Foodzie box here.  What's a Foodzie box?  Glad you asked.  It's a monthly subscription that features artisan products.  The price is $29.95 a month shipping included.  I was thrilled with my first box and was happy to pay the $29.95 fee.  I'm not so thrilled with the value of my second box, more on that below. Each month you get to choose a tasting experience.  Usually there are 3 boxes to choose from.  This month I chose The Earth Day box since it was April and all.  Last month and this month all my items were full size.

The good:

The products.  The products are gourmet items.  These are items you would find in a specialty store not an everyday supermarket. 

The sizes.  Full size products.  This is great!

Choice.  There isn't just one box.  It seems there is something for every ones taste. 

Need a gift?  Have a foodie friend that is impossible to buy for.  You can gift a 2, 5 or 10 month subscription. 

Commitment issues?  You don't have to be a monthly subscriber to buy a box.  Boxes are offered to subscribers first but after the 6th of every month anyone can buy a box.  Subscribers received benefits like free shipping in the marketplace and first pick at boxes.   

The not so good:

Skip a month?  There is no option to skip the month but they can pause your account for up to 3 months.
Value: Not consistent.  Last month I received an incredible value ($51.75 worth of goods for $29.95), this month I didn't even get $29.95 worth of goodies. 

The contents of my April box (retail price in parenthesis)

1 box containing 2 bags of Quinn Parmesan/Rosemary microwave popcorn (4.99) - This stuff is delicious  and they sell it on amazon - definitely ordering more of this! 

1 Bumble Bar chocolate crisp flavor ($1.58)

1 Bumble Bar original peanut flavor ($1.58) - I loved this bar.  It was soft and chewy with a nice crunch from the sesame seeds.  The peanut butter flavor was delicious.  This is a definate must buy!

4 oz bag Blossom Bluff Orchards Organic Dried Plums ($3.00) - these are really good, much better than the mass produced sugary ones.  I haven been keeping them at my desk for a midday snack.  

12 oz Guayaki Classic Gold Organic Sparkling Yerba Mate (2.08) - this tasted like watered down tea to me.  It was drinkable but not something I would buy. 

4oz CB's Nuts Organic Styrian Pumpkin Seeds ($6.40) - These are really good.  The seeds are big and they are nicely roasted with a touch of sea salt.  Good mid day snack. 

1.7 fl oz/50ml Bari Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($1.40)

The retail value of my box is $21.03!  This is $8.92 less than I paid.  I would be ok with a couple of dollars less for the convenience of having it delivered to my door but almost $9 is a little unreasonable.  Now I know the value of my box last month was incredible and if you combine the 2 months I'm still ahead.  If you are a new subscriber and this month was your first box then I would venture to guess it would be your last.   

The verdict?  I like the items in this box even though the value wasn't there.  I was incredibly happy with my first box.  I'm going to give them a try for one more month but if next month is a low value box I'll have to say goodbye.

** I pay for these boxes myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Foodzie.

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