Friday, March 9, 2012

February Sampler Village

Sampler Village is a new monthly box that is focused on handmade goods.  This is not a monthly subscription where you join and receive a box every month but rather if you want a box then you log on to Sampler Village on the 21st of each month when they go on sale and buy one.  Sampler Village was founded by Traci Porczynski and is built on the premise of helping crafters get their products noticed.  Every month the boxes focus around a theme.  I ordered the February lavishly samplicious box which said it contains 35-45 samples.  The theme for February was rainbow wishes and the cost was $40.  I like the idea of supporting artisans and most of the shops, if not all can be found on etsy.  I ended up receiving 41 individually wrapped items.  Each seller wraps their items individually and a couple of packages came with more than one item.

The good:

Small business support: Supporting small business is always a good thing.

Variety: The variety of items received, earrings, bath stuff, eyeshadow, etc.

Price: The offer different size boxes for different prices.  The charmingly samplicious box 15-20 items, lavishly samplicious box 35-45 items (I paid $40 shipping included) or the yummylicious box (edible box avail Oct-April only).  The prices of the boxes aren't listed on the website yet. 

The not so good:

Smell: If you have a problem with smells, this may be an issue for you.  Because of all the soaps that were in the box it had a strong smell.  It didn't smell bad by any means but it was very strong. 

Here is the breakdown:

Handmade Soap: 12 samples
Candle samples/tarts: 5 samples
Cupcake topper
Crocheted Shamrock (could be used as a coaster)
Aroma Sachet
Earrings (value is 11.99 on their website)
Bath Fizz: 3 samples
Lotion: 3 samples
Incense stick (7)
Sugar Scrub
Face Mask creme
Foot Scrub
Shamrock Ornament/Decoration
Eyeshadow sample x2
Round pocket mirror
Handmade Birthday Card
Handmade Notepad
Hand drawn picture of a cat in rainbow colors - can be framed for a kids room
Heart Shaped Handmade Pin/Button

This is how the box came.  Pretty rainbow bow.  I might reuse this for something. 

 My box was full of goodies!  You can see the crocheted shamrock on the right and the shamrock ornament in the middle. 

Here are the earrings that came in the box.  This was a pleasant suprise and they are super cute!  I looked at this sellers store and they have lots of stuff at very reasonable prices. 

Verdict:  I probably won't order a box every month unless curiosity gets the best of me.  The website says the edible samples may be included in the lavish boxes for the months of May-Sept so I will definitely order during that time.    
**I pay for these boxes myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Sampler Village.

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