Monday, March 12, 2012

March Foodzie Box

Foodzie is a monthly subscription that features artisan products.  The price is $29.95 a month shipping included.  Now before you say "ohhh hmmm 30 bucks..." hear me out.  Each month you will get to pick from an assortment of boxes available.  March boxes included Brooklyn Tasting Box, Italian Cooking Box and Ski Lodge Cafe Tasting Box.  I chose the Italian Cooking Box.  In your box you will receive FULL size yes I said FULL size items in your box.  How awesome is that!?!  I was ecstatic when I opened my box and can't wait to try these items out. 

The good:

The products.  The products are gourmet items.  These are items you would find in a specialty store not an everyday supermarket. 

The sizes.  Full size products.  This is great!

Choice.  There isn't just one box.  It seems there is something for every ones taste. 

Need a gift?  Have a foodie friend that is impossible to buy for.  You can gift a 2, 5 or 10 month subscription. 

Commitment issues?  You don't have to be a montly subscriber to buy a box.  Boxes are offered to subscribers first but after the 6th of every month anyone can buy a box.  Subscribers received benefits like free shipping in the marketplace and first pick at boxes.   

The not so good:

Skip a month?  There is no option to skip the month but they can pause your account for up to 3 months. 

 This is how to box comes.  It had the mailing label on the front but I removed it. 

This is the inside of the box.  As you can see there are some gourmet items in here and if you like food or like to cook this will be right up your alley. 

The contents: I have also listed the retail price of each item. 

2 recipe cards using items from box - great idea!

8.5 fl. oz bottle of Lucero Arbequina Olive oil - I've used this brand in the past and it's fantastic ($7.00)

6 oz Olli Calabrese Spicy Salame with Sangiovese Wine ($14.25)

2 oz Whole Spice Italian Seasoning Whole ($11.00)

8 oz Gilda's Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti ($6.50) - yum!

12oz Wineforest Wild Foods Porcini Polenta ($13.00) - this was really good, I don't normally like mushrooms but this added a nice texture to the polenta. 

The retail value of my box is $51.75!  That's a $21 savings or it's like getting the olive oil and salame for free!

The verdict?  I am super excited about this montly service and this one is going to be a keeper in my house!

**I pay for these boxes myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Foodzie.

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