Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Beauty Army Kit

This is my second kit from Beauty Army.  You can read and see the contents of my February Kit here.  Just to recap for those who are new here (welcome!) Beauty Army is a monthly subscription service where you get to choose up to 6 items to try out. The cost is $12 a month and that includes shipping. They also offer a yearly deal for $132 which means your 12th month is free dropping the price down to $11 a month.

The Good:
The brands. You will get options from Joico, LaRocca, Freeman, StriVectin, etc. These are well known brands. They also say they use brands from emerging companies which is also fun.

The box. I am very impressed with the little box it comes in. It's a well made sturdy reusable box hat can be used for gifting treasure boxes of your own making, keeping your treasures organized, etc.

The samples. I was very happy with the selection of samples presented to me and I think I picked some good ones!

The price. $12 Shipping included seems reasonable to me to be able to try a useful amount of product. I know you can get samples at a store for free but this is an actual useful amount. It's enough to use several times to see if you actually like the product not a tiny little smear of something. It works out to $2 an item. Would I buy these items if I saw them in the store for $2 each? If I really wanted to try them which I must since I picked them out then yep I would pay $2 for enough for me to use more than once.  

The not so Good:

Paying for the year. If you decide to take the plunge and pay for a year be advised there are no refunds for yearly subscriptions. So basically you have to finish out the year whether you like it or not.

Skip a month? If you choose the monthly option and for some reason there is absolutely nothing you would like to sample that month there is no option to skip a month. This means if you don't pick they will pick for you based on your preferences. If you like surprises this could be perfect for you.

The Box. The box has the company name on the front along with a bunch of beauty type phrases. This makes your re-gifting options limited and it's too good a box to just toss.

Here is the March box.
 This is the outside of the box.  It measure 8 1/2"L x 7"W x 4"D. 

 All the products come individually wrapped up. 

Here are my items for March.  In parenthesis I put the full size amount and cost for value comparison.

2.2oz (65ml) SunFX Body Shimmer lotion with macadamia oil. - value $8.04 (200ml 24.95)
.5oz Babor Skinovage Anti-stress Anti-Jetlag cream. - value $21.18 (1.7oz $72.00)
.34oz Weleda Almond Soothing Cleaning Lotion - value $2.62 (2.5oz $19.00)
.5oz Be fine Night Creme with cocoa, millet & rice bran - $8.82 (1.7oz $30.00)
.16oz FX Eye Prep to help with fine lines and prepping eyes for eye shadow. $10.75 (.67oz $43.00)
.25oz Indie Lee Squalane facial oil to promote elasticity. $6.00 (1oz $24.00)

So as you can see these aren't inexpensive products and the samples are a decent size. 

Verdict: I'm definitely going to keep this subscription going.

**I pay for these boxes myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Beauty Army.

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