Friday, March 2, 2012

February Julep Maven Box

This week I received my first Julep Maven Box.  Julep is a monthly subscription company that sends out nail polishes. When you log on to the Julep website you take a little quiz and it will tell you what kind of polish girl you are.  You are not obligated to those polishes though.  I was told I was Boho Glam but liked the It Girl colors better so I picked that one.  The monthly fee is $19.99 w/free shipping.  The company advertises that you will receive $40 worth of product for $19.99.  Also you will 20% all purchases from their website.

The good:
The colors: If you like nail polish then it's a nice way to experiment with multiple colors

Skip a month? Yes! you can skip a month.  They will send an email when your selections are ready and you have 4 days to let them know to skip the month.

Need a gift? If you want to send your box to a friend there is an option to do so.  Just log on to your account and click send to friend.

Referral program. If two of your friends sign up you get a free month!

The not so good:
Price: Seems kind of high to me for nail polish but I'm not a big nail polish girl.

The choice: They pick the polishes for you.  In my box I received a color called Meryl.  Its a gray color that I'm not sure I will really use.

Without further ago....The Julep Maven Box (click on pic for a larger version)

 The box is a simple cardboard box.  The card describes the color and gives a tip of the month.

The polishes were securely wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in red paper.  I received 3 colors and a small packet of hand cream.  The bottles are .27 fl oz or 8ml.
I received Oscar - Ultra chic, multi-dimensional gold glitter, Rachel - Warm rich copper shimmer and Meryl - The perfect neutral, sophisticated gray creme.
I know I will use Rachel (the copper color) and probably use Oscar (gold glitter) but I'm not too sure about Meryl.

Overall receiving nail polishes in the mail is fun but I'm not sure about the cost.  I'll keep my subscription active and see what happens month to month.

**I pay for these kits myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Julep

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  1. I skipped March because it came with Argon oil, which I don't like. Love my April box! Two cute polishes, foot lotion, a really nice makeup bag, and candies. Sending May to my sis for her B-day. Julip Maven is ausome, in my opinion.