Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Escape Monthly - Paris

Escape Monthly combines two things I love which are traveling and getting treasures in the mail. Escape Monthly ships every month and includes full size products, travel guides, secret tips and special offers. Each box has a destination theme and every month one lucky member will win a vacation to the destination.  The price of this box is $49.95 a month with shipping included. Right now they are running a deal on their website where you can get 20% off the price of the box for life. This means the monthly box will cost $39.95 a month instead of $49.95.

Price: The price of the box is listed at $49.95/month. but they frequently are offered at $39.95/month. No option to skip.

This box is available in the US only and ships from Lake Oswego, Oregon. 

The good:

Products: You get full size products from the region of that month. 

Referrals: They have an ambassador program that pays you via paypal for members you refer. 

Travel: They give away a trip every month to the destination. There is a card in one box each month telling you if you've won. 

Info cards: These are so important and theirs is fantastic. It includes product info and price as well as info about the destination. I have noticed that the prices they list is not always accurate. 

The not so good:

Skip: So far I can't find anything on skipping.  

Price: The price is quite high for a monthly box.

Paris Escape Monthly Box. 

Contents of box with retail value:

Rick Steves Paris Pocket Travel Guide . Value = $12.99

Pierra Biscuiterie French Butter Cookies. Value = $4.25 - These were delicious as butter cookies usually are. 

Institut Karite Paris Shea Butter Hand Cream in rose. Value = $26.00

L'Abbaye De Flavigny Gourmet Candy. Value = $5.00 - These are ok but a little flowery tasting. 

Edmond Fallot Mustard. Value = $6.25

1.8 oz. Nuxe Body Scrub and 1.6 oz. Nuxe Shower Gel Set . Value = $16.00


1 oz. Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves. Value = $0.50

The total approximate value of this box is $70.99. I thought this was a pretty good box. I really like the food items they sent. I can't wait to try the tarragon dijon. I think tarragon is a widely underused herb. I also like that they included a pocket travel guide this time. I have no plans to go to Paris anytime soon but I would rather carry this with the little map in the back than the big book.  The candy was ok but it was really flowery tasting. I've received a small version of the hand cream from another box and it really is good lotion. It's thick but doesn't leave a film.

Verdict: This box had some good stuff in it. Next month is Puerto Rico. Having been to Puerto Rico I'm curious on what they will send.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

August GlossyBox

Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends 5 travel size beauty items a month.  You can sign up monthly for $21/month, 6 months for $115 (breaks down to $19.16/month), or yearly for $220 (breaks down to $18.33/month).  Shipping is included in these prices. The price is higher than a lot of the other beauty companies but they include luxury items in their boxes. The company ships their boxes towards the end of the month so you will receive it at the end of the month or the beginning of the following month.

Price: $21 a month with discounts for 6 and 12 month subscriptions. 

This subscription is available in the US (not including Alaska or Hawaii), Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. 

The good:

The brands: They have well known quality brands like OPI, Zoya, Burberry, C.O. Bigelow, Ahava, Sebastian and other brands specific to other countries. 

The sizes: They send deluxe size samples and usually at least one full  size item. 

The box: I know it's just a box but it's a really nice sturdy box. The regular boxes are pink and the special collaboration boxes vary in design and color. This box is perfect for reusing or for a gift box. I've also used them to store my extra beauty products.  

Information. They provide information on the products you receive and how much the full size is priced at.  I like knowing this info up front and not having to search for it. 

Free stuff: If you provide feedback on your products you earn glossydots which will eventually earn you a free box. You can also earn glossydots from referrals. You have to claim your free box before your subscription ends and becomes inactive. This can be tricky because you don't want to receive duplicate boxes.

The not so good:

The price: This can be a little high for some people but if you want to receive known/quality brands it's worth it.

Skip: There is no option to skip a month. 

August GlossyBox

Contents of box w/approximate retail value. 

FULL SIZE Kryolan Highlighter in Cashmere. Value = $18.95

FULL SIZE Lamoon Beauty nail lacquer in Trillion Dollar Red. Value = $5.95

.035 (half of full size) Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. Value = $8.00

2 oz. Überliss Hydrating Shampoo. Value = $3.98

2 oz. Überliss Hydrating Conditioner. Value = $4.32

1.7 oz. Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream. Value = $17.00

The total value of my Glossybox is $58.20. The kryolan highlighter was made especially for glossybox. I don't normally use highlighters but this one looks really nice and easy to use. I can always use shampoo and conditioner and it seems I've been getting a plethora of it lately. I actually have a full size eyeko that I haven't used yet. I hear it's awesome for drawing cats eyes. I always find with these types of "wet" eyeliners I get impatient during the drying time and end up with upper lid lines. Anyone else do that? The nail polish is a really pretty red and from a brand I'm not familiar with. I'm not sure I'll use the day cream because I prefer something with SPF in it. Who says I can't use it at night though?

Verdict: Glossybox is pricier than other beauty boxes but it has great brands and value. 

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

August Candy German

Who loves food and candy from foreign lands? I do, I do! That's why I was super excited when Candy German offered to send me a box to review. And yes it really came all the way from Germany.  Each money Candy German will send you 6-8 handpicked German confections, that will including anything from chocolate, wine gums, cookie, gingerbread, etc. The price of the is in Euros on their website so be aware of that when ordering. The monthly price is €29 which is about $38.00 with shipping from Germany included and there are options for 6 and 12 month plans at a little discount.

Price €29 or $39 a month with 6 and 12 month plans. 

I believe this ships worldwide and ships from Germany.

The good:

Love foreign goodies: I know I do! I love seeing what flavor combos other countries come up with.

Need a unique gift: They offer gift subscriptions. Perfect for someone who may have just moved form Germany or loves German treats.

The Not So Good:

Price: The price is a little high for a monthly box but would be a nice treat every once and a while.

This is what the box looked like when I opened it. It was shipped in a plain brown box but they are designing the outside of the box so that should change soon. 

All the German treasures inside the box. 

Contents of German Candy Box:

Haribo Gummy Bears, fan edition. Value = $4.79 - The boyfriend was excited to see this. Apparently he's a gummy bear guy. 

Sallos. Value = $3.99. - this is a hard candy that taste like black licorice. 

Be Happy, Knusprige Kleine Doppel-Kekse (crispy double cookies). Value = $2.00- not a lot of flavor but I liked them. 

Mini Nussecken (mini corners). Value - $?? - These were ok, a little try but tasty - especially the hazelnut

Choco Nippon. Value = $2.00 - the only thing than could've made this better is dark chocolate but only because I love dark chocolate. The rice was really big which I liked. 

(2) Knoppers (hazelnut and cream candy) - Value = $1.29/ea. - The type of sugar wafer candy things are one of my favorite types of candy. 

Riesen Karamell. Value = $?? - basic caramel candy. 

Schoko Drops. (chocolate drops). Value $1.99 - These are like giant m&m's.

The approximate value of the items in this box is $20.00. I actually found quite a few of these items at an online shop called German Deli. They also have a store in Texas. I was unable to find a couple of the items online so that price is very much and approximate. I had to use google translate on some of these which was kind of fun in itself. I was surprised shipping only took about a week, I was expecting it to be much longer for some reason.

Verdict: I'm probably not going to subscribe since it's so costly but I would consider it every now and then for a treat.