Friday, July 25, 2014

July Allure Sample Society box

Sample Society by Beauty Bar is a monthly service for beauty products that promises 5 fresh deluxe sized samples from luxury brands designed for multiple uses.  You also receive a coupon each month for $15 off a $50 purchase from Beauty Bar and a 12 month subscription to Allure magazine.  The cost for this subscription is $15.00 a month with shipping included.

Price: $15.00 a month. 

The good:

The samples: You get deluxe sized samples from luxury brands.   

Magazine: You get a free 12 month subscription to Allure magazine.  If you already subscribe they will extend your subscription and if you don't want it you can mail in a form for a refund on the value ($12)

Coupon: They send you a coupon with each box for $15 off a $50 purchase. The catch is your order has to include at least one item from a brand you received that month.  It doesn't have to be the item you received just the same brand.

Referrals: It's a win/win. You get a $5 credit on your account or you can donate that to charity and the person you refer gets a 20% discount on their first purchase at Beauty Bar. 

The not so good:

Skip a month: There is no option to skip a month, only cancel.

Subscription discounts: They don't offer discounts for multiple months unless you gift a 12 month subscription. Then you get 12 months for the price of 11.

July Sample Society Box

Contents of box with approximate retail value.

1.69 Fekkai PrX Reparatives. Value = $7.99

Butter London in Bobby Dazzler. Value = $15.00

.06 oz. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Aqua Universalis Eau de Toilette. Value = $4.38

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinaire by Colour in Rose Melody. Value = $9.99

.06 Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Highlighter. Value = $8.47

The total value of this box is $45.83. I'm not a big blush or highlighter person but I think I like the color of this one by Laura Mercier. It looks like it's just enough to give your a little glow. I'm excited to try this one. I love almost anything hair related and I very much like Fekkai products. The perfume is ok, I'm not a huge fan of the scent but I like that it comes in a spray bottle. I like the Butter London polish, it's very silvery but I'm pretty sure I have something similar in my stash but of course it's not Butter London. The L'Oreal is a pretty pink color but I have so many lip colors already I may trade this on eDivv.

Verdict: This months was great, between the nail polish, highlighter and hair product I definitely got my money's worth.

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July Love with Food - Deluxe Box

Love with Food is a monthly subscription box filled with food. They now offer a deluxe size version of the box which contains 16-20 new snack foods. The price of this deluxe version is $19.95 a month with shipping included. You can also sign up for a 6 or 12 month plan each which will save you a couple of dollars a month. Also for each deluxe box purchased 2 meals are donated to hungry children in America. I decided to cancel my regular snack size box and subscribe to just this larger size box.

This subscription is only available in the US and ships from Santa Clara, California. 

The good:

Bigger is better? I know some people don't like that the regular box is so small but it also comes with a small price tag. This deluxe box would be better suited for those with more than 2 people in their house. No more fighting over the tasty snacks!

Variety: You get a lot of variety in each box. 

Discounts: You can earn points for discounts off future full size product purchases by submitting reviews on their website or referring new members. 

The not so good:

I really can't think of anything I don't like about this box.

July Happy Camper Box 

Contents of box with approximate retail value:

2 Degrees Apple Pecan Bar. Value = $1.99

2 Degrees Cherry Almond Bar. Value = $1.99

(2) .75 oz. Mediterranean Snacks Sea Salt Lentil Crackers.  Value = $1.30/ea.

1 oz. Zouq South Asian Snacks Golden Lentils. Value = $1.43

1 oz. Zouq South Asian Snacks Jubilee Mix. Value = $1.43

1.25 oz. bag Ginnybakes Butter Crisps Love Minies. Value = $1.62

(2) .8 oz. Honey Stinger Kids' Organic Mixed Berry Chews. Value = $1.25/ea.

(2) .5 oz. Somersaults Dutch Cocoa.  Value = $0.75/ea. - I had high hopes for these but they were kind of dry. 

(2) Madyson's Marshmallows Chocolate Chip Fluff. Value = $1.25/ea. - I absolutely love the chocolate chips in these. It adds a nice texture. 

(2) .7 oz. Beanitos White Cheddar Puffs Value = $1.33/ea. - These were ok. I prefer the snackasaurus ones though. 

1 oz. TERRA Exotic Vegetable Chips. Value = $1.08

1.5 oz. Garden of Eatin' Blue Corn Tortilla Chips. Value = $1.00

.63 oz. Peeled Snacks Apple Clusters. Value = $1.25 - These are popular in my house. 

.63 oz. Peeled Snacks Berry. Value = $1.25 - yummy!

The total approximate value of this box is $24.80. This box had a great mix of snacks to snack on. It had quite a few items I hadn't tried yet which is nice. The marshmallows are a little spendy but darn it if they aren't delicious. I wasn't a fan of the 2 degrees bars when I first tried them a year or so ago but they are much better now, yay! All the other snacks we will snack on throughout the week.

Verdict:  This Love with Food box was great!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

July Escape Monthly - India

Escape Monthly combines two things I love which are traveling and getting treasures in the mail. Escape Monthly ships every month and includes full size products, travel guides, secret tips and special offers. Each box has a destination theme and every month one lucky member will win a vacation to the destination.  The price of this box is $49.95 a month with shipping included. Right now they are running a deal on their website where you can get 20% off the price of the box for life. This means the monthly box will cost $39.95 a month instead of $49.95.

This box is available in the US only and ships from Lake Oswego, Oregon. 

The good:

Products: You get full size products from the region of that month. 

Referrals: They have an ambassador program that pays you via paypal for members you refer. 

Travel: They give away a trip every month to the destination. There is a card in one box each month telling you if you've won. 

Info cards: These are so important and theirs is fantastic. It includes product info and price as well as info about the destination. I have noticed that the prices they list is not always accurate. 

The not so good:

Skip: So far I can't find anything on skipping.  

Price: The price is quite high for a monthly box.

India Escape Monthly Box. 

Contents of box with retail value:

Moon Travel Guide, Taj Mahal. Value = $14.99

Maya Kaimal Madras Curry. Value = $4.99/($7.39) - This said it was $7.39 on the info sheet but I saw it on the shelf of my local Sprouts for $4.99 regular price.

Banyan Botanicals Healthy Hair Oil. Value = $12.95

Banyan Botanicals Peppermint Soap sample. Value = $??

Pure Indian Foods Organic, Grass-Fed Ghee. Value = $2.95

Saffron Road Korma Simmer Sauce. Value = $3.99

Masala Pop Chai Masala Popcorn. Value = $5.49 - This was solo good! I love chai and it was perfectly chai tasting!

Nemat International Inc. Amber Perfume Oil. Value = $9.00

Nemat International Inc. small perfume sample. Value = $?? - This smells really good but I think it's different than the amber oil because they smell different. 


Gouri Puja Indian Bindi. Value = $2.00

The total approximate value of this box is $56.36. I liked this box much more than I thought I would. I don't have a  use for the travel guide because I have no plans to go to India anytime soon. I received the Korma simmer sauce in another box and haven't tried it yet. I'm actually glad I have two now because it will make enough for everyone. The info sheet said it was tikka masala which I was kind of bummed that it was korma sauce instead because I do love a good tikka masala. I was totally expecting some sort of curry item and I like curry but a little curry goes a long way so I hope the sauce it's too strong. I'm wondering if the hair oil is similar to argan oil. I hope so because I use argan oil several times a week.   The small vial of perfume smells super good and the amber one also smells good but not as strong. The popcorn was freakin' delicious! I would buy that again for sure. The jar of ghee is pretty small so it won't go far but I will definitely use it. Maybe I'll cook up a little shellfish dish to use with it. The bindi jewels are super pretty but I'm not sure I will wear them because I feel like I would be insulting the Indian community by doing so since it actually has meaning behind it and it's not just a fashion trend. Am I being too cautious?

Verdict: This box was better than I expected. Next month is Paris!

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Close up of the Bindi Jewels.