Sunday, July 5, 2015

O'a Circle of Friends - Test and Keep Product

Back in October Oprah 2014 launched her new O's Circle of Friends subscription. The subscription has three levels of membership and each one offers a little something different. The basic membership is $39 the prime membership is $99 and the premier membership is $199. The prime membership has all the bell and whistles, such as the test and keep products and surprise gift but it's also expensive. I debated on which one to sign up for but because Oprah has the magic touch when it comes to products I opted for the premier membership. I was intrigued by the "test (and keep!)" products component. Per their website the total value of the premier membership is $597.00 

The good:

Oprah: Pretty much everything associated with Oprah turns to gold. 

Price: Three different price levels. 

The not so good:

Value: So far I'm not seeing the value in the premier membership.

Contents of the Test and Keep box:

May Kary Lash Love Mascara. Value = $15.00

The total value of this test and keep box is $15.00. I'm not really excited about this because it's a mascara and I have a drawer full of them right now. I don't hold that against them though because how would they know that I have enough mascara to least me 10 years.. 

Here are the items I've received so far with this subscription:

One year subscription to O Magazine print & digital. Value = $16.00

(2) Gift subscription to O Magazine. Value = $16.00/ea.

Keepsake Gift Box of luxury items. Value = $122.27

Surprise Gift (Sequin Bangle). Value = $28.00

Test (and keep) product (Tips and Toes Kit from Burt's Bees). Value = $13.00

O's Little Book of Happiness. Value = $17.99

Test and Keep GlossyBox full of products. Value = $42.76

Test and Keep Box with hair products. Value = $35.99

Test and Keep Box with Mary Kay Mascara. Value = $15.00

The total value I have received is $323.01. By my calculations I should be getting more items totaling $273.99 coming my way in the next 3 months if they want to honor the $597 value promised.

Verdict: This is probably the most disappointing box I've ever subscribed to. I expected more or at the very least what was promised since it was associated with Oprah.

Everyone Loves A Treasure

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Summer Walmart Beauty Box

Walmart recently ventured into the subscription box market with a beauty box. The box will be shipped 4 times a year for spring, summer, fall and winter. The best part of this box is the price. Ready for it? It's just $5 per shipment to cover shipping and handling costs. Yep it's only $5 per box. My guess is these are brands that Walmart has a contract with and they probably get the items for free which is why the box is only $5 to cover shipping costs.

Price: $5 per season shipped 4 times a year.  

The Good:

Price: $5, doesn't get much lower than that.

Drugstore brands: I love getting luxury products but they can be pricey to buy. This box will contain items that can be found at Walmart which means reasonably priced.

The Not So Good:

Drugstore brands: If you're not into drugstore brands then this is probably not the box for you.

Summer Walmart Beauty Box

Contents of the Walmart Beauty Box with Walmart prices listed:

.5 oz. Olay 7-in-1 Eye Treatment. Value = $14.35

1.8 oz. Caress Adore Forever Body WashValue = $0.40

1.7 oz. Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. Value = $0.65

1 oz. John Frieda Sea Waves. Value = $1.40

Revlon lipstick in GladiolusValue = $7.59

.5 oz. Neutrogena Sport Sunscreen Lotion. Value = $0.85

The total value of the Walmart box is $25.24. This months box is way better in value that last months. I'm a fan of the travel size shampoos and body wash. They come in so handy when traveling. It's been so hot here in Northern California that I dread blow drying my hair. I'm thinking I can use the sea waves product and put the top down on my car on the way to work and call it good. Ha Ha. The revlon lipstick is good but I received this one in my Allure Summer beauty box. Bummer I didn't get a different color. e

Verdict: Can't beat the price and I was happy with the products. 

Everyone Loves A Treasure

Friday, July 3, 2015

June OrangeGlad box

Orange Glad has been around for awhile but the price always seemed a little high to me so I never signed up. Recently though they had a promo coupon making a 6 month subscription $71.82 which made each box $11.97. I felt that was reasonable so I signed up. This is box 5 of 6. The way Orange Glad works is each month they will send you 5 gourmet sweet treats. The price is $15.00 a month plus $4.00 shipping making it a total of $19.00 a month. 

Price: $19.00 a month w/shipping included. 

If you want to give OrangeGlad a try use code anishaog33549 and get $10 off your first box. 

The good: 

Sweet Tooth: A fun way to try new sweet treats. 

Like what you tried: They have many of the items in their online shop.

Need a gift: Who doesn't like sweet treat mail. 

The not so good:

Price: Even though the price is lower it's still kind of high. HOWEVER you get some fantastic treats! 

June OrangeGlad Box

Contents of the OrangeGlad Box:

The Crispery Marshmallows Rice Treat in Cookies & Cream. Value = $4.25 - Oh my god this is so delicious!

The Baking Bean Raspberry Matcha cookie sandwiches. Value = $4.20 - I loved the matcha flavor with this cookie. 

Becky's Blissful Bakery, salted beer and pretzel caramels. Value = $8.99 - I love the pretzel in this caramel. 

Fine Sconehenge Baking Co. Luscious Lemon Bar. Value = $2.50 - I love lemon anything and this is no exception. It's so soft and delicious and lemony. 

Cookies Con Amore Italian Jelly Filled Linzer. Value = $?? - These are priced at $15 a pound but it doesn't say how many are in a pound. 

The approximate value of this box is $19.94 not including the linzer cookies. This box a good value since they lowered their pricing. I should've taken a a better picture of the marshmallow treat. It was absolutely huge! I loved the matcha cookie sandwiches. I would totally buy those! The lemon bar was also super good. Honestly everything in this months box was fantastic. 

Verdict: This box was one of the best boxes I've received from OrangeGlad